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PAGS MEDIA Ltd in full name Printing Agency & General Services is a well-established company specialized in General Media such as Printing, Branding and other Constructions. The Company was incorporated in Rwanda since February 2011. Our offices are located at Muhima Sector, Nyabugogo Road, Nyarugenge District, Kigali City. Our company is affiliated to a number of similar establishments in the country. Our most target is the visibility using advertisement such as Digital Printing on large and Medium format, offset printing, Billboards and Signs fabrication, Graphic Design, Branding, Painting, Creative arts/Web designs, Promotional materials and constructions.

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Highly Experienced Printing Company
We have more than 10 years providing great services and affordable pricing in Printing, Fabrication, Painting and Branding. Feel free to reach us with any questions about.
We have high success rates
This is from clients with whom we have worked up to here. They always express a feeling of satisfaction higher than their expectations. This is because we master what we offer and have got experience over the years of serving.
Team Working Company
Our company has a hard working teamwork that is ready to work 24 hours if necessary. This team always collaborates and puts efforts together to acheive a common goal and complete a task in the most effective and efficient way.


Managing Director & Graphic Designer

Also known amongst friends and colleagues as Tim, Timothy studied Economics & Business Studies at the Kigali Independant University (ULK), after getting skills in Graphic Design at ETO Muhima, Rwanda and Painting technics at Maison Artistique SIM in Congo Kinshasa. Very committed for excellence, hard working guy, he never give up. He is such a motivation for all the entire team and always finds words to make clients happy.

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